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Project Reports

The "Engaging Villages as Key Partners for Healthy Aging Research" project involves creating two key reports toward the future of healthy aging research with Villages. The first report is based on focus groups with 49 Village professionals, offices, and members from across the U.S. to learn about how Villages promote healthy aging and conditions for Villages' engagement in research partnerships. The second report is forthcoming and will summarize the insights from a series of virtual summits on healthy aging research with Villages in the summer of 2024. 

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Insights on Developing Research Capacity for Healthy Aging with Villages

This report shares the findings and insights from this project's five Discussion Groups. In the Fall of 2023, nearly 50 people participated across 5 discussion groups that explored research on healthy aging with Villages. Participants spanned Village members, paid professionals and officers, and regional Village leadership. Insights from these groups span the meaning of "healthy aging" to Village members, the key ways Villages support healthy aging, and the value of and key considerations of healthy aging research among Villages.

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