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Virtual Summits

Virtual Team Meeting

Villages are designed to help people age in their communities with greater social connection and better mental and physical health. Yet research on how Villages promote healthy aging is in its early stages. How can we evaluate the impact of Villages? What kind of data and partnerships do we need? How can research help fortify Villages as a platform for health and well-being?

These are questions we will explore at the Virtual Summits.

Insights from the summits will make a difference for next steps on using research as a tool to strengthen and sustain the Village Movement. 

You're Invited!

Come to one of six virtual summits this summer. These 90-minute convenings will take place by Zoom. Connect with other Village members and leaders, and engage through mini-presentations and facilitated discussion. We want to hear your voice!


Register for a Virtual Summit

Explore the six virtual summits below. We encourage registering for the summit that most closely aligns with your geographic location.

  • What was the purpose of the Zoom discussion groups?
    The discussion groups are part of a project that aims to strengthen mutual understanding and help develop a shared vision among Village leaders, Village members, and researchers for future collaborative studies focusing on the health outcomes that matter most to Village participants.
  • Who was eligible for participation?
    Village members, officers, and leaders in the United States were invited to participate. We ran five discussion groups: two with Village members in general, one with Village members with a healthcare background, one with individuals who lead regional networks of Villages, and one with Village professionals and officers.
  • Who conducted the project?
    RAND researchers conducted the discussion groups in partnership with Rutgers University and Village to Village Network. The discussion groups were part of a larger project with support from a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Eugene Washington Engagement Award (#EACB-26583).
  • What did participation involve?
    The online group discussion was expected to last approximately two hours. The main discussion topics were:
 Priorities for healthy aging research Implications of Village governance & infrastructure for research collaborations Health outcomes of particular interest to Villages How to improve Villages’ engagement with researchers
  • What was the consent process?
    The consent process is part of due diligence. Before participation, all participants had the consent process explained to them along with any privacy issues arising from the discussion group format.
  • How will information from the discussion groups be used?
    With participants’ consent, we recorded the focus groups. The researchers will analyze the information from the groups and will summarize findings in reports. No attribution to specific individuals for any information will be reported publicly as part of the findings.
  • Why did Village members and leaders participate?
    Participants contributed to a better understanding of ways that researchers and Villages can collaborate and shape future research into healthy aging.
  • Did participants have to accept the $50 gift card?
    Participants could choose to accept or decline the gift card after the focus group has concluded. They also could choose to use the gift card in whatever way they see fit (e.g., donate it to their Village operations or programs, keep it for themselves, give it to another person).
  • When were the discussion groups held?
    Village Members, week of Oct. 23, 2023 Village Members with a Healthcare Background, week of Oct. 30, 2023 Village Professionals and Officers, week of Nov. 13, 2023 Regional Village Network Leaders, week of Nov. 27, 2023 Village Members, week of Dec. 4, 2023
  • Who do I contact to ask questions?
    Please contact the RAND Principal Investigator, Alina Palimaru: or (310) 393 0411 ext.7312.

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